Hi! Welcome to ideamissing.com

"Have you got a problem with that?"

I am a variable state auto-didact, a pattern based, cross-hemispheric non-linear thinker
with a unique skillset and a wide berth of life experience.

I want to help you get things done, solve your problems, build a plan of action or just advise your likely direction and options..
I am available and willing contractually do that for you- Freeing up your time and easing your mind.
If I can't figure it out or don't know- I'll tell you up front and refer you to a friend.
I am humbled and honored to keep a *very* powerful network of insanely talented people near by. Call me.

Have questions? Please ask them. Otherwise, consider creating a bookmark for this resource,
and I will be a call away when you least expect to need help, but do.

click my phone number below to auto-fill your phone-dialer and then press send to call me @ :
(888) 805-6710 (Toll-Free)
or email me here
Thank you, -- Omar .

When nobody is filling the need, you just create the solution and bring it to life.
The simplest solution is typically both the most elegant, efficient and easiest.

Look forward to hearing from you! Always remember he ball is in your court,
be pro-actively assertive, but inquisitively kind.
If the shoe fits, call now.
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calls placed to 1-833-780-2200 will be attempted to be answered in the Pacific Time Zone of California. This is (GMT -7 or GMT -8) depending on "daylight-savings-time."

~ talk with you soon,

Also, if none of this made sense, read this paragraph:

Said another way , this website exists so you can ask me for help with something easily, and not feel like,
- your taking up my time (or) any of the folllowing, etc:
- you like equal exchanges of energy and dont want to take advantage of anyone.
- you have no idea how to visualize or even go about determining the complexity of a project. ( I am *VERY* good at this, if it sounds impossible, just ask me)

There are ways, and in some cases I may have already thought about that particular thing. Try me and be surprised, or try me and surprise me. Sometimes it will be the second one, and that is okay too.

So by emailing or calling and having a nice chat, and answering a few questions,
quite possibly we are on the way to getting something done you didn't think you could get done,
or just didn't really want to do or got stuck on, or have the opportunity to pay someone else out of good will and your hard labor, to help them instead of paying a large company, whatever the reason- here we are, and we should talk.

Reach out and call or email, and we will start a dialogue,
mostly where I listen. and yes I will ask some questions naturally.

Then at the end we'll have accomplished something previously unthinkable and utterly fantastic together!
Isn't that great?

Okay! Omar Out. Hopefully you bookmarked this website before you go, so in your need later,
all you do is load your bookmark type "ideamiss" in the search and it will pull me up, then
scroll to the phone number and tap it, it will appear in your iPhone or Android or Huwei etc
dialer automatically, and then hit send. That's it! Oh and take a deep breath, if I don't answer,
please leave a message. The phone line is disabled during the weekend, or maybe just sun. I'll look.
But people just know that I am super polite and people say I sound like a radio announcer on the phone.