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"Have you got a problem with that?"

I am a variable state, multi modal auto didactic polymath, artist- and meta-physician. But not a DR.
in other words, the world to me has more relationships and patterns apparent between people and things, situations, etc-
and this non-linear approach to the world, which is just my perspective- gives me a unique skill-set to help you.
In addition to a wide berth of life experience.

I want to help you get things done, to listen with my ears and heart, and build a plan to solve your problems, so you can do something else instead that's fun.
Also If I can't figure it out or don't know- I'll tell you up front and refer you to a friend.
I am humbled and honored to keep a *very* powerful network of insanely talented people near by. If the iron is hot, please- Call me and leave a voice mail, or send an email. doesn't have to be a complete idea either of course, that is the whole point, just say hey i need help with xyy and xyz! call me! :) make the request of the universe, and if i can honor it it will be made so. ...... if i cant, well odds are its probably hard anyway, and wouldn't get done in a day, but i am here to help you, and humbled to do so. my background is in the arts and in the art of being human, i am self taught- although i tried college, it was very clear the message for *me* was singular across a multi school effort, one after the other- "you must produce yourself, this is the idea that's missing." . It was from that point forward, I decided to take control as the architect of my own life, and the way the systems I use in it behave, by picking or designing the correct one. That changed everything, and here we are today. Additionally, I can do things like simple video editing with titles and effects, combining clips, adding music, or your logo to you speaking and a nice intro sequence or outero, or even make you a reel if you need a demo.. :) Also an audio engineer, poet, lifetime photographer, reiki or energy worker, and so on. The point is, this is a pretty interesting place we live in, so I've done my damndest to try everything I could. It's all worth while, and it is ALL connected to each other. That is what tickles my delight each day in this world- to help people #1 live better lives any way I am able to, and #2 that special magic that comes from the connected nature of every living thing on this planet, to every other living thing on this planet. there are no strangers, just others. others just like you. But yeah! That is about the best way I could sum myself up. Just a loving human, here to help.

Have questions? Please ask them. Otherwise, consider creating a bookmark for this resource,
and I will be a call away when you least expect to need help, but do.

click my phone number below to auto-fill your phone-dialer and then press send to call me @ :
(888) 805-6710 (Toll-Free)
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Thank you, -- Omar .

When nobody is filling the need, you just create the solution and bring it to life.
The simplest solution is typically both the most elegant, efficient and easiest.

Look forward to hearing from you!